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Eligibility and Enrollment

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Eligibility and Enrollment

Our Technology was created to serve the biggest of the big and we have 15 years of deep experience with global big businesses.

We bring together a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled, enterprise-grade, best-of-breed solutions.

Our solutions enhance the employer’s branding and value proposition in the hearts and minds of their workforce.

Our technology ensures consistent enforcement of complex business rules and benefit program compliance.

Our full-service implementation and ongoing troubleshooting ensure complex situations are addressed by experts during implementation and year round.

Enterprise-grade Benefits Administration Platform

Our self-service enrollment platform – Benefits Junction – was developed to meet the complex demands of large global businesses. Now, this scalable, robust, enterprise-grade system is available to the mid-market businesses at an affordable price.

You have new opportunities to deliver a better platform when clients strive for process efficiency. In contrast to other platforms that require significant effort from you and your client to implement and maintain, Workforce Junction offers a complete service that eliminates those burdens. The comprehensive solution includes the platform and a team of specialists who shield you and your client from the complexity of implementation and ongoing support. The superior value of hassle-free operation differentiates you from your competition.

The platform is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. And for those businesses with workforces requiring additional support, our Benefits Desk is always available to explain their choices and help them enroll.

You don't just receive access to a platform; you also get a fully-engaged team that will work with your company and your client to implement and operate the platform. This added value includes a complete implementation process, permanent support for ongoing operations, system updates, initial EDI file setups and ongoing management of EDI's, and access to the people who built the system to resolve issues and respond to special needs.

Carrier Connections — Data Interchange

We hold ourselves completely accountable for eligibility feeds to carriers, even while waiting for live EDI connectivity.

Carrier connections use HIPAA-834 standard as well as proprietary file structures as needed. When a carrier receives data electronically, in any format, we own the process.

Payroll Deductions / HR-Payroll Interface

Multiple options to manage payroll deductions for benefits accurately.

Includes system generated reports, interface set up with HR and Payroll systems, or full-service option with deduction reporting, reconciliation, and funding advice to client.

Benefits Junction Software

  • Easy, user-friendly experience with platform and people
  • Proven reliability based on a history of serving clients with very complex requirements
  • Consistent response times, even during Open Enrollment
  • Strong access controls and complete audit trail of user activity
  • Audit and reconciliation services linked to data interchange
  • Implementation and ongoing management by the team that built the system
Our Eligibility and Enrollment Solutions Deliver :

  • Reduction in effort for advisor
  • Increase in value to clients
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Single source for employee enrollment
  • Accurate invoices and payroll deductions
  • Reliable eligibility feed to carriers