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About Us

Our Core Values

The core values that drive our commitment to customers and colleagues are Relationships First, Confident Humility and Integrity.

Relationships First

  • Relationships are a shared responsibility that starts with mutual knowledge and respect
  • Our capabilities are of little value outside the context of these types of relationships
  • We take a dynamic, optimistic open-minded, and collaborative approach to taking advantage of change in order to seize opportunities and optimize growth
  • Transparency, built on the value of integrity, is essential to successful relationships
Confident Humility

  • We are confident about what we know but recognize we do not know everything
  • We start where you are
  • We are willing to do what it takes to earn your trust
  • We never assume we know your unique circumstances, desires, and goals
  • We have proven humility creates the space for unique and powerful relationships, and the opportunity to arrive at truly unique solutions within each relationship

  • Integrity is an organization’s most valuable asset. We protect ours, and our partners’ and clients’ integrity above all else
  • There is one simple imperative that drives integrity: Do what you say you will do
The workforce at Workforce Junction

Workforce Junction was formerly Hanna Global Solutions, serving a variety of clients with benefits brokerage, technology and administration solutions. The company is now solely focused on being the most valuable technology partner possible to benefits advisors. We have divested ourselves from the brokerage business Hanna Global owned and Workforce Junction is now fully committed to supporting brokerage firms and the employers they serve.

We are a team of professionals almost all of whom have been working together for over a decade, serving customers in Benefits Administration. Our core values, and a common interest in serving the small to mid-market businesses and their workforce with benefits administration solutions, keeps us working together to realize our vision:

  • Provide great service, create superior solutions, generate honest wealth, and do good to those we serve
  • Create wealth to support our families, multiply it with creativity and use it with generosity
  • Make the world a better place, create peace and joy by serving the needs of this workforce and showing them the way to live better
What our clients say about us:
Vice President Operations – Employee Benefits at large advisory services firm.
“While Benefits Junction is simple, intuitive and easy to use, it’s much more than just a technology platform. Because employees value what they understand, the wisdom and service wrapped around this technology ensures our best clients can compete for and retain the best talent. By using Benefits Junction as an integral part of our clients’ communication and awareness strategy, our clients and their workforces are able to get the greatest possible value from the benefit programs we deliver.”
Senior Finance Team Member of global IT service company.
"Thanks for all the continued support given to us. As always we would like to mention that we are getting Very Good Service from you and your team. Your team is helpful in meeting all our requests like providing reports to payroll for recovery and payments within the SLA time. Invoicing for Premiums and Claims from time to time for payment tracking and reconciliations. Keep up your good work and I am sure you will continue to give GOOD SERVICE in the future too."
Corporate Finance Team Lead.
"Thank you & your team for the support in managing ... benefit administration. Please pass on this message to the team members."
Operations Manager - Payroll.
"Our interactions with them have always been very professional. They always demonstrate patience and professionalism while interacting with us. My team (operating from India) have expressed their satisfaction and are very happy with the way they receive response from your team."
Benefits Manager.
"...shows your commitment and dedication with which your business is growing. You and your team have been a great support to us and we wish you all the best as you continue to grow."
Finance Head, USA.
"We completed almost a year of all billing and payment for ... and other providers started. Let me take this opportunity to provide you some valuable feedback from our team. Your team is simply great."